Advertising your product or services with C & M Publications is a good decision. Your product/service reaches all church members & neighboring businesses. People who are loyal to their church appreciate businesses that support their church.

Advertising and marketing are by trial and error. In today's market, it's very important to have a lot of printed publication coverage. 75-80% of buyers live in the neighborhood of your business and check local publications before checking the internet. 

What are you advertising? Retail, Service, Trade, Professional? If you are active and involved in your church, it is a good idea to place an ad in your newsletter. It is good for people to constantly see your face.

Cost effectiveness is relevant. One sale from an advertisement pays for itself. Give ads 3-6 months to see results.  With direct mail people need to receive something from you at least 7 times...Church ads are similar, especially if you are new.

ADDED BONUS!!! Many of our church newsletters are posted on our website or at the church's website for instant online access at no extra charge.  


  • Customer confidence and trust in ads placed in the Sunday bulletins and monthly newsletters. 

  • Your Business is looked at in a positive light and as a Community Supporter 

  • Reaches families in the local community. 

  • Continuous 7 days a week advertising as Bulletins are handed out daily at weekday Mass services as well as weekend. Monthly newsletters are mailed to all members providing a guaranteed exposure of your message.

  • The bulletin reaches a captive audience who will read and keep the bulletin in a handy place throughout the week. 

  • Targets a responsive Christian family market. 

  • Directed at a specific demographic and geographic area near your place of business. 

  • Low cost means of targeting prospective customers. 

  • It's an effective way to advertise...80%of our advertisers renew their ads annually! 

  • Majority of parishioners are Homeowners! 

  • Members want to support Businesses that support their Church and Pay for their newsletter/bulletin.

  • Your ad payment is fully Tax Deductible

  • All ads are sold on an annual basis. You can change your ad up to four (4) times at no cost.

  • Providing a convenient payment schedule.