C & M's services now include the capabilities of  transforming your PDFs into interactive presentations letting you experience this state-of-the-art flash technology. We specialize in Flip-PDF publications, which allow you to put your content online accessible to the general public in a convenient, elegant way. Our FLIP-PDF  documents not only  let you browse pages by flipping them, the same way you would flip a printed hard copy, but also you can interact with the publication by zooming in/out, downloading and searching content within the document. This convenient format can also be shared via email as a clickable link and as an attachment. We can host the Flip-PDF document or we can send it to your web master to have it posted on your preferred website.

Alternatively, we can output your e-Publications to .Zip, .exe and App files so it can be viewed on line or off line by a wider viriety of users, including Android and iOS mobile device clients. The final publication can also be saved into CD for direct distribution.

Turning your PDFs into a realistic looking newspaper or magazine where readers can flip through the pages just like they would if it was sitting right on their desk takes only minutes. All you have to do is provide us with the PDF and we do the rest.  Please Contact Us or give us a call at 951.776.0601 to discuss your needs.

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