How do I upload my file?

            Simply visit our quick upload utility at the left hand side of our website and fill out the required form. Your file will be sent to our servers within minutes.


 How do I know my upload was successful?

            When you upload your file do not touch your browser until you get the confirmation number. Depending on the size of the file you are uploading will determine how long it will take before you receive the confirmation screen.


 Can I get an Email confirmation of when my file is being printed?

            Yes. Simply provide us with your email when uploading and we can send a confirmation of receipt once we download your file and insure that it is complete and there are no problems.


 How do I make a PDF?

            The best method is if you have Adobe Acrobat. Simply go in to print your file and from the printer drop down menu search for Adobe PDF. With that selected print as normal and it will ask you to save the file to your computer. We suggest saving to your desktop for easier locating during the upload process but you can determine what works best for you.


What if I don’t have Adobe Acrobat? Can I still make a PDF?

            Yes. There are several free programs out there that can aid you in PDF creation. The one we recommend is PDF 995 (for windows machines only) it is free to use. You can either download it directly from their website or we can provide you with a disk. Once the program is installed you would use the same method of creating a pdf as with Adobe Acrobat. Also check your existing programs to see if any of them are able to create PDF files within the program by saving or exporting. For example, Corel WordPerfect can save documents as PDFs.


What File formats do you accept for uploads?

            We prefer you submit your newsletter/bulletins to us a PDF document. It ensures no fonts are missing when sent to our offices. However we can accept MS Publisher files and MS Word Documents.


After making a PDF should I double check my file before I submit it?

            Yes. Sometimes when creating a PDF things might shift on you (especially when creating from Microsoft Word) so it is always better to check your file before submitting to us.


What is a PDF?

            The PDF (Portable Document Format) was developed by Adobe and allows you to create a file that can be viewed on nearly any type of computer (Windows-based, Mac, Linux and others) no matter what program or computer was used to create it. When moving a non-PDF file from one program to another — for example, from Microsoft Publisher to Corel WordPerfect — you may lose formatting or fonts. By converting the document to PDF you preserve the original look. So if you have some obscure desktop- publishing program that you love but no one else has, convert your document to a PDF before sharing it.


The images in my newsletter/bulletin are blurry, what happened?

            There are several things that could have caused this. Unfortunately when using images from the internet there is always a risk of them being blurry (aka pixilated) Images from the internet use a lower resolution than that of print.

The two most common reasons that an image looks and/or prints fuzzy, blurry or jagged are: 1) enlarging a bitmap file(TIFF, JPEG, GIF) too much, or 2) printing a GIF.

Enlarged Bitmaps:
Bitmap (TIFF, JPEG, GIF) images are actually a grid of tiny black, white or colored pixels. When bitmaps are enlarged, the tiny pixels that form the image are more noticeable and create a "stair-stepped" look.

Solution: Most bitmaps can be enlarged a little bit before they begin to lose quality. If you need to enlarge a picture more than that, use a WMF version of the picture, if one is available. WMFs can be enlarged to almost any size without noticeable loss of quality.

Printed GIFs:
GIF images are low resolution (72 dpi to match computer screens) images used for display on Web sites. They aren't meant to be printed.

If you "copy and paste" a picture from any Web site, you're actually using the GIF (or JPEG) format of a picture. The GIFs may display fine in your document onscreen, but may not print as well as you expect, because of the low resolution.

Solution: For print documents use a TIFF, WMF or JPEG file. Avoid copying and pasting art from Web sites, because they are typically low resolution.

Follow these steps to download TIFF, WMF and JPEG files:

1) Right-Click on the file name beneath the picture. (NOTE: Be sure to select the correct file type for your needs.)

2) Click "Save Target As..." from the pop-up menu that appears.

3) Browse to the folder where you'd like to save the picture (for example, the "My Pictures" folder).

4) Click the "Save" button.

(Mac users should click the 'control' key and then the link. When the pop-up menu appears, you should select "Download link to disk.")

Once you have the image on your hard drive, you can insert it into your desktop-publishing or word-processing program as you would any other image. For specific help, please consult your program's "Help" menu. After you've downloaded the image, import or place it into your document using your software program, such as MS Word, MS Publisher, PageMaker, MS Works, WordPerfect, etc.  
Importing is usually done through "Insert," "Picture" or "Import," "Graphic" or something similar. Because each program works a little differently, check your program's "Help" menu or manual for specific instructions.


I am having issues with uploading/making a PDF, Can you help me?

            We are always willing to try and help you through whatever problem you might be having. Simply contact our office and we will try to walk you through it over the phone or we also have remote assistance available. Remote assistance will essentially allow us to access your computer from our end so we can see the problem first hand. We can also walk you through how to set up the remote assistance program.


How should I name my file?

            Please name your file with your three digit Church number plus the month/week that it is for. For example: 001March.pdf or 001March6.pdf. If you are unsure of your Church number it can be located in the lower left hand corner of your ad page or simply contact our offices and we can provide that for you.


How do you ship our newsletters/bulletins?

            We primarily ship with three carriers, UPS, Sacramento Overnight and POBA.


What is my deadline for submitting the newsletter/bulletin?

            The earlier you can get your newsletter/bulletin to us, the better. We would like your newsletter/bulletin to us by no later then 1:00 PM to ensure that we can get it printed the same day and shipped to you. In the event of high volume we will contact you if there is any issue with getting your newsletter out the same day.


Do you offer mailing services?

            While C & M cannot mail the newsletters/bulletins for you ourselves we do offer a mailing label service for qualified Churches. You would simply submit to us an Excel file with all your addresses ready to go and they would be printed directly onto the bulletin. Please contact our office to see if you qualify.


Can I pick up my newsletter/bulletin?

            Yes you may pick up your newsletter/bulletin during office hours. Simply contact our offices and we will let you know what time the newsletter/bulletin will be available.


When will I receive my newsletter/bulletin?

            We pride ourselves in our ability to quickly turn around your shipment within 1-2 business days.


Someone contacted us about placing an ad in our newsletter/bulletin how do I get them in touch with you?

            You can either have them contact our offices directly by providing them our name and number or you can contact our office with their contact information and we will have the appropriate Sales Representative give them a call.


I am a new church how do I get in touch with you?

            We would be happy to talk to you about offering our services to your Church! Please contact Chris McAdams, owner at our office at 951.776.0601 or email


Can you print my newsletter/bulletin in color?

            We offer color to qualified Churches. If you would be interested in having your newsletter in color please contact Chris McAdams at 951.776.0601  for more information.


What type of advertising will you place in my newsletter/bulletin?

            We accept all kinds of advertising however we do ensure that it falls within the moral standards of the Church or if you mail your newsletter we make sure they fit within the postal regulations.


We lost our editor, can you help us?

            In certain circumstances we can temporarily aid you with your newsletter layout until you can find a new editor. Please contact our offices and we can see how we might help you.


Can you send us a template or design our newsletter/bulletin?

            Yes we can provide a template for you. Our templates are typically created in MS Publisher however we can create one in MS Word if that is your preferred program to use. The templates will be a blank slate for you to work within your program to lay out your text.


Can you design our cover for us?

            Yes. Simply provide us with the information you want to have included on your cover and we design a lay out for you.


Do I have to proof read my documents before uploading?

            Yes. Please try and have your file finalized before uploading.





Please contact us for further questions/concerns to:



Phone: 951.776.0601