Looking for an alternative to satisfy your newsletter needs?
 Tired of poor quality or service?
 Spending hundreds or even thousands of dollars for the  maintenance agreement on your copier due to the number of newsletters you’re running?
 Paying high costs for paper, toner, etc?
 Spending too much time at the copier running your newsletter and preparing it for mailing?
 Not enough help in your office?





At  C & M Publications we can print all of your spot, full color and black and white projects. Our high resolution printers will finish your jobs fast.

With high speed digital printers we deliver lightning fast volumes of black and  white and color documents. This is the easiest way to cut down  your church's basic printing budget.

Our streamlined one color printer is ideal for printing booklets, catalogs, church bulletins, theatre programs, take out menus, manuscripts,  invoices, contracts, receipts, invitations, office manuals, coupon books and more.

Our printing and production team  can have your weekly programs, bulletins, newsletters and mail pieces printed and delivered on time.

 We offer a variety of finishing options including single or multi-position stapling, saddle-stitching, Z-folding, booklet trimming, 2 or 3 hole  punching and post-process document insertion, which is ideal for adding full color covers to any project.



 The Services of a professional high-quality digital printing.

 Highest quality paper.

 Twelve pages standard (more if you qualify).

 11” x 17” standard, other sizes are available.

 Collating and stapling is standard.

 E-mail or transfer your copy for fast and convenient internet access.

 36 hours turn around time.


  You can customize the design of your church newsletter/bulletin to your needs. Just  upload it  directly through our site. No need to use third-party software to create beautiful communication materials for your church!  
Your order will be entered as soon as we receive it. Most products are printed and shipped within 24 hours. You will receive an email notification with the production time estimate.
  Wheather Black & White or Color, beautiful digital printing is now available to everyone. You will receive high-quality, professional printing that you can be proud of.