If you don’t win the hearts and minds of every customer, your competition will do it for you. Today, it’s all about customer relationship management, but how do you build relations with hundreds or thousands of customers?

Variable Data Printing is the process where we can personalize each piece of printed material with a different data, such as names, addresses, etc., in this way you don't need to pre print address labels, sort them and adhere them to each newsletter.

C & M can show you how to use variable data printing to create personalized mailers that generate more leads, build loyalty, and retain customers longer. Each printed piece is relevant to the church parishioner and that really pays off. Relevance = results.

At C & M we can sort your newsletters alphabetically or numerically by Zip code or any other field to comply with the Post Office requirements.

Other custom fields included in your database can be inserted in the publication.


  1. A final copy of your newsletter in PDF format

  2. An address database completed in MS Excel, arranged by columns (Name, Address, City, ST, Zip, Etc.)

  3. Sort your database as needed (usually by zip code)



For detailed information please give us a call at 951.776.0601